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Aches and Pains in the Winter

Posted Saturday, January 17, 2015 @ 8:13 PM

While I love winter weather, I find that I tend to ache more during these months. Whether it be rheumatism or early arthritis, I notice that my hands (which are weird in their own way and ache really badly if I use them too much–particularly on the computer or lifting heavy things) hurt a lot more in the cold, rainy weather. If anyone is like me, here are some things that I find help me a lot.

–A heating pad or a hot water bottle

Use of either of these tools does wonders for my hands, as heat will help soothe any inflammation in the joints. Sometimes muscle rub creams, like Bengay, can also really help. If I put Bengay on my hands and am worried about rubbing it in my eyes, I will put on gloves for a little bit to keep the cream isolated. Taking ibuprofen will also reduce inflammation and speed along the healing process.

–Athletic tape

Image taken from Amazon.com

This helps my case in particular because the “fatty pads” of my hands (right where the wrist meets the palm) don’t have the little groove down the middle that most people’s have, so the blood does not pump as easily, and the muscles get very tired more quickly than normal. My chiropractor recommended Kinesio Tex tape, because it supports the area without constricting it. This tape can be used on your back, neck, ankles, knees, feet, pretty much anywhere to help support and rejuvenate the areas that ache most. My sister used it when she twisted her ankle, and it really helped support the ankle and speed along the healing process! Fun fact: it also comes in several fun colors!

–Massaging body bars

Image taken from Amazon.com

I got some of these for Christmas! Calgon is a brand that specializes in spa products. These bath bars are wonderful because they have raised bumps that massage your skin, while the soothing ingredients also help moisturize and exfoliate. I particularly like to use these in the bath, but they are also great in the shower! They come in lots of great scents, too. There are also lots of brands that offer this kind of product, so hunt around until you find one you like best.

Which leads to my last recommendation...

–Warm water

This can be the shower, a hot bubble bath, or (if you are lucky) a hot tub! We had a hot tub in my old house. Ah, how I miss it. If you are ever feeling achey, don’t hesitate to take advantage of some warm water!

I hope some of these tips help those who feel aches and pains in the cold winter months. And remember, if you are injured or experiencing constant pain, see a chiropractor! You would not believe the wonders they can do for feet, knees, hips, backs, necks, even hands!

Be well, everyone!

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