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My Interview with Peggy Holloway

Posted Thursday, January 01, 2015 @ 7:13 PM

Today we have a special treat: an interview with Peggy Holloway, the author of my newest audiobook, Southern Greed!

1) What inspired you to write Southern Greed?

PH: I guess you could say I was inspired by working with families when I was a therapist/counselor. I used to work with Juvenile Justice Teens, kids who were court ordered into counseling. Part of their treatment was family therapy. It was interesting to see what kind of family these kids came from. When I met some of the families I wasn't surprised their son or daughter had gotten into trouble. What did surprise me were the ones who came
from strict religious backgrounds. These kids seemed to be more easily led into trouble, by peer pressure, than any of the others. They were more naÔve, like Belinda in Southern Greed.

All of my novels take place in the south, but the story could happen anywhere.

2) What was your favorite part about writing Southern Greed? Any favorite characters or scenes?

PH: I loved writing the whole book and don't have a particularly favorite part as far as writing it. This was one of those books that kind of just flowed out of me and I had to type as fast as possible in order to keep up. The characters took a life of their own. One of my favorite characters was Mrs. Hildebrandt. To me, she was like the kind of mother that Belinda should have grown up with. From the time she jumped into my book, I loved her. Ronnie was also a favorite character, because I like kids and I especially liked his adventurous nature.

3) What is your favorite genre to write?

PH: I like writing mysteries. It's what I feel I'm the best at. I never know how they're going to turn out. They happen while I'm writing them. Sometimes the characters will be doing things that don't make sense to me, but later it's made clear. I don't understand how it happens, really.

4) How many books have you written so far? Was Southern Greed one of your first?

PH: I think I have about 14 published right now. I've taken some of them off to revise them. I'm constantly trying to make my books better. Southern Greed was number eight, I believe.

5) Of all of your books, do you have any favorites? Do you prefer to write standalones or series?

PH: They're all my favorites! Blood on White Wicker was my first, so I'll always have a soft place in my heart for that one. It led to the Judith McCain series.

One of my favorites is Double Shock. I did more research for that one than any of the others because it has a lot of history in it.

I think I did the best job, psychologically, on the psychological thriller Terror on the
. So it's also one of my favorites.

I like writing both standalones and series.

6) What did you learn the most while writing Southern Greed?

PH: Writing a novel is a very emotional experience for me. This was especially true for Southern Greed.

I think it was because I grew up similar to the way Belinda did, so it hit close to home. Although I never got into as much trouble as she did, the potential was there. I think I did learn more about myself and the bad choices I made in life as a result of the way I was raised. Like Belinda, I learned from my mistakes.

7) What are you working on currently?

PH: I'm writing a book entitled Hermit's Cove. It looks like it's going to be a romance, which will be a new genre for me. But I'm hoping it'll turn into a mystery. Romance novels are boring to me.


Thank you so much for all of your wonderful and insightful answers, Peggy!

For more information about Peggy and her works, check out her website.

And donít forget to buy the Southern Greed Audiobook, on sale now!

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