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Audiobook tips and tricks!

Posted Monday, November 24, 2014 @ 10:40 AM

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holidays, travel comes to mind. Coming home from college for a short visit and family, friends, and food? Going to visit relatives? That means a long car trip, and for me, that can mean audiobooks!

Here are some fun tips about audiobooks that you all might not know about.

If you have an Amazon Kindle, or the kindle app on your iPhone or another device, did you know that you can switch back and forth from reading the book to listening to it if you have both the kindle and audiobook versions? They made it a lot easier too, now if you are in the kindle app or reading the book on your kindle, you donít have to get out of the app, find the audible app and open itĖyou can access the audio on the exact same page! Itís so convenient!
Here are more details, as well as a list of compatible devices!

If you have to go somewhere and are dying to know what happens next, (or would like to be entertained driving to and from work, running errands, even on a jog or bike ride!) this new feature is awesome to have. Itís also great if are taking a bubble bath and are worried about dropping your device, but are bored and want to read your bookĖI like to set mine on the counter so itís out of harmís way but I can still hear it well. This is also great if you have a headache or eyestrain! With the touch of a button you are able to pick up where you left off.

Another fun fact: if you buy a Kindle version of a book, you can get the audiobook version for a reduced price! This is a great feature, and can save you anywhere from five to fifteen dollars. Iíve been seeing some that are only 3.99 once you own the Kindle version! That is so cool!

Did you know that you change the speed of your audiobook? If you purchased your audiobook on Amazon or on Audible, it will open in the Audible app (or now, in the Kindle app!) If the narrator is talking too slow for you, simply click the speed button to speed them up. If they are talking much too fast for your taste, you can also slow them down! Itís such an easy thing to do, so if you feel one section is too fast/slow for you, you can adjust it, and then change it back whenever you want with the tap of a button! And if I ever talk too fast or too slow for your taste in any of my audiobooks, well, now you can change that.

So, these are just some tips that Iíve learned and have found very helpful when I buy and listen to audibooks. I hope that youíve found them helpful too!

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