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No Power!

Posted Saturday, November 15, 2014 @ 10:39 AM

Well, itís been an interesting past couple of days. Remember how I said it was supposed to snow? Well, so far weíve had no snow, but we keep getting frost, and the deck outside looks icy this morning.

We did get, however, many power outages. Oh, yes. It wasnít even stormy, it was just raining, but the lights kept flickering! First the power went off for about five minutes. Then it came back on. Then the lights flickered some more, and it went off for a couple hours, then it turned back on. Then it went off again (While I was recording, in factĖluckily my computer was charged, and my microphone is USB, so it didnít affect the recording.) At that point it was almost six, so the entire house was pitch black. Mon Dieu!

Finally the power came back on, but the lights kept flickering, so I was antsy all night. What did we do to keep the house lit? We used candles, battery operated candles, and battery operated lanterns. We had to run to Wal-Mart to stock up on batteries. Those lanterns take anything from four to eight D batteries apiece!

It had been really windy and stormy, complete with lightning, a couple weeks ago. People were telling us the power would probably go out, but it never did. We supposedly have underground lines, too, so go figure.

Some good advice is to, in the winter months when power outages are more frequent, remember to charge all of your electronics! For me that means my phone, Kindle, and computer. That way I can still work even when the power is out! (As long as itís not pouring. Since my studio is upstairs the microphone picks up on the rain hitting the skylight and the roof, so I have to work around the rain.)

I also saw the electric company recommending having a new car battery standing by. That way, if the power goes out, you can use that to charge your electronics!

It didnít help matters that it has been abnormally cold here for November, with temperatures below freezing, so all electric blankets, heaters, and space heaters could not be relied on. My poor little cold Arabella (see here) was so frozen! She kept burrowing under my covers, and when I would give her an airhole, she would turn her back and burrow even deeper! Ans my bedroom is the draftiest, so even when the heater is on, itís pretty cold. Poor little baby! Itís supposed to be record-breaking in cold temperatures tonight, so I hope the power doesnít go out again!

Whatís the weather been like for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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