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Posted Friday, October 31, 2014 @ 5:34 PM

Well, it’s Halloween. I am both happy and sad. My fave holiday is almost over! But as I wait for Trick-Or-Treaters, I thought I would share some last ideas with you.

Movie: The Worst Witch

This movie tells the story of first year Mildred Hubble, who feels that her constant blunders will get her kicked out of the prestigious witch academy. Mildred and her best friend Maude are always getting into harmless scrapes, but it isn’t until Ethel Hallow, one of their snobby classmates, turns her wrath on poor Mildred that things get serious. In the meantime, an evil group of witches plot to take over the academy! Can Mildred find the magic inside her and prove to everyone that she isn’t the worst witch in the school?

This movie is adorable. Mildred and Maude are such good friends, and I love all of the teachers at the school. Ms. Hardbroom reminds me a bit of Professor Snape from Harry Potter, cranky but loveable, Miss Spellbinder is so sweet, and I adore Miss Cackle, the Headmistress. Charlotte Rae plays Miss Cackle, and she is so adorable and bumbling as her, and then so nasty and hilarious with her pink hair playing Miss Cackle’s evil twin, Aggie. I also love love love Mildred’s kitten, Tabby, because she looks like my kitten, Arabella! This is definitely a Halloween favorite for me.

Video Game: The Captive Curse

Watch the game trailer!

You, playing as Nancy Drew, are invited to a beautiful old Bavarian castle in Germany, to investigate some pretty strange occurrences. For legend has it that a monster roams the grounds, and will sometimes appear and make off with a young woman. The monster hasn’t been seen for years...until now. As you investigate the castle’s dark history and German legends, you begin to suspect that you yourself just may be the monster’s next victim!

This game was really fun. The monster bears resemblance to Frankenstein’s monster, and the castle has some very spooky parts (including the catacombs!) The legend of the monster was really cool, and the mini games were a lot of fun. I recommend this one for those who love German folklore, monsters, and castles!

Book: The Poppet and the Lune

The Poppet and the Lune tells the story of a girl made of patchwork–from the pieces of the deceased children of the village–who embarks on a journey through the dark and mysterious Everwood Forest to find her destiny. Along the way she meets Faolin, a young man who has the blood of the Weremen in his veins. The two meet sorcerers, princes, mermaids, and all sorts of enchanted beings along their journey. Can they help each other achieve their goal? Find out in the original fairytale written by Madeline Claire Franklin.

I love this book, (which is why I auditioned to narrate the audiobook!) and it is a perfect book for Halloween, because it has some spooky aspects and magical creatures. I dearly love the patchwork girl and Faolin, and several of the other characters that they meet along the way. It is also perfect that I am recommending this book today, on All Hallows’ Eve, because it is the patchwork girl’s “birthday”–the day the witch finished (well, almost finished) making her! I highly recommend giving this book (or the audiobook!) A try, and I swear that’s not a shameless plug!

Recipe: Halloween Cupcakes

I got a couple of ideas from this years “Taste of Home Holiday (Halloween)” Magazine.


1 box Pillsbury Funfetti Halloween cake mix
1 can chocolate frosting
1 can vanilla frosting
Candy eyes
Reeses peanut butter cups
Candy corn
Chow Mein noodles
1 tube of Betty Crockers’s green icing
1 box Monster’s Inc. Gummy eyes

I made 18 cupcakes, and frosted 6 of them with chocolate frosting. Then I put candy eyes and chow mein noodles on them and voila! Spiders!

Oh dearie my!

I frosted six of them with vanilla frosting tinted green, and decorated them with a tube of Betty Crockers’s green icing, and Monster’s Inc. Gummy eyes. Ta-da! Cyclopes!

”Cyclopes. I like to be precise.”

And the last six I frosted with vanilla frosting tinted blue, and cut Reeses peanut butter cups in half for the wings, used candy eyes for the eyes and sprinkles for the mouths. Then I chopped candy corn into pieces (the pointy white for the teeth and the yellow pieces for the ears.) Check it out! Cutie bats!

Cutie Mctootie bats!

Have a happy (and safe!) Halloween, everyone!

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